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Six O’Clock is engaged by large, multi-national businesses, small and medium local enterprises, government agencies and departments and non-profit organisations to develop and deliver strategic communication.

The firm is led by founding directors Siobhan GleesonPatrick O’Beirne and Jim Stiliadis who, as part of a highly skilled team, have decades of consulting and in house experience across a range of sectors including financial services and capital markets, telecommunications, consumer technology , manufacturing, property, industrials, sport, education, government, FMCG, and media.

Supporting the firm’s directors – and its impressive list of clients – is a group of talented and dedicated consultants. They have varied experience, including tenures in federal and state government ministerial offices and departments, and stints in corporate and consumer communications agencies.


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What’s in a name?

We’re often asked why the firm is called Six O’Clock. Nightly news time? Start and finish of a working day? Or, the good old swill?

In the air force, fighter jets fly in a strategic formation that allows pilots to cover their colleagues’ blind-spots.

This side-by-side formation protects from attack and enables a strong pursuit of the flight path. It also ensures precise execution of agreed tactics along the way.

When communicating with each other, pilots use clockface parlance, with 12 o’clock referring to vision straight-ahead and six o’clock immediately behind – a blind spot from the cock-pit.

While flying, pilots keep an eye on ‘six o’clock’ and reassure each other with a colloquial “I’ve got your six”, which essentially means “I’ve got your back”.

At Six O’Clock Advisory, it’s our reason for being, on behalf of our clients.

In protecting and enhancing reputation, we deliver strategy and tactics that help brands soar, be it in times of adversity or in periods of strength and growth.

Featured Six O’Clock Services

Media relations

Understanding the new media landscape is critical to connecting with it. Knowing the right people goes a long way too. At Six O’Clock, we make it our business to be abreast of the media’s evolution and to keep clients informed. We harness our understanding and extensive contacts in the media to deliver strategic media relations programs that tap the right audiences through the right channels.

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Community and stakeholder engagement

Securing the backing of local communities and relevant influencers can make or break a project – whether it’s a key infrastructure initiative, changes to community assets or local services, or major transformation. Six O’Clock Advisory works with a range of organisations whose success, and whose social license to operate, relies heavily on the buy-in of the communities they serve.

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Reputation risk, issues and crisis management

Six O’Clock takes a multi-layered approach to reputation management. We prepare organisations with crisis planning and training, help them respond to issues with speed and purpose and, in the aftermath, we guide the process of restoring corporate brand reputation.

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Public affairs and government engagement

More than ever before, navigating the maze of political issues, parliamentary influencers and legislative processes is vital for leaders of organisations of all sizes. Six O Clock’s government engagement and public affairs offering helps organisations get their story heard by governments of all persuasions and layers including local, state, and federal political representatives and their departments, and quasi-government agencies and authorities.

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Financial and investor communication

It’s critical in today’s market that companies are clearly articulating their value proposition, keeping the capital markets informed of performance and securing long-term support from the right mix of investors. Six O’Clock offers a full-service suite of financial communication, corporate affairs and strategic investor communication services to build market credibility and investor support.

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Employee engagement and internal communication

By applying the right internal communication tools and solutions, coupled with a strong brand narrative, a company can empower its employees to become its most dedicated brand advocates – both internally and externally. At Six O’Clock, we offer a strategic approach to internal communication that drives improvement in key employee engagement metrics including motivation, trust and satisfaction.

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Training and development services

The changing face of newsrooms and the ubiquitous nature of today’s media landscape, fuelled by an ever-pervasive social media, means the expectations on company representatives has never been greater. It means spokespeople need to at their best, all the time, and within any channel or forum.

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Digital content and production

At Six O’Clock, we know emotional connections are made when we marry the best of art and science. When good stories assume an altogether different dimension by deploying contemporary tools and techniques to create a compelling experience for the audience.

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Should your organisation require issues and/or crisis management counsel and support immediately, please call 03 9993 0455. This number will be directed to a Six O’Clock representative ready to assist with your matter. You can also email info@sixoclock.com.au