Community and stakeholder engagement

Garnering community support and stakeholder advocacy

Securing the backing of local communities and relevant influencers can make or break a project – whether it’s a key infrastructure initiative, changes to community assets or local services, or major transformation.

Six O’Clock works with a range of organisations whose success, and whose social license to operate, relies heavily on the buy-in of the communities they serve.

This includes the planning, development and delivery of stakeholder engagement and community consultation programs on behalf of private entities, not-for-profits, listed companies, and government departments and agencies

Our comprehensive approach – both strategic and tactical – spans the appropriate audiences, influencers and decisions-makers, coupled with a contemporary take on the tools, assets and channels to drive purposeful consultation around key aspects of a proposal, while ensuring relevant information is accessible at every turn.

Each program is tailored to a client’s specific needs, timelines and market dynamics, taking a 360-degree view of the groups and individuals who will determine success – from local business and industry representatives, to interest groups, government authorities and officials, to residents, legislators, regulators, and media. 

Where relevant, we collaborate with the client’s designated advisers across a range of specialist disciplines including environmental, engineering and town planning to ensure a seamless and coordinated approach.

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