Digital content and production

Compelling content for a modern-day communication landscape

At Six O’Clock, we know emotional connections are made when we marry the best of art and science. When good stories assume an altogether different dimension by deploying contemporary tools and techniques to create a compelling experience for the audience.

Our team comprises former TV and radio producers, journalists, audio technicians, videographers. editors and photographers. We work in-field and in-studio to create meaningful and impactful content in a world where engaging diverse audiences in an increasingly cluttered information age has never been more important.

Great story-telling goes beyond a mere topic or theme. It’s about visualising the person on the other side of the ‘lens’ and packaging a story in a way that it is thought-provoking, evokes emotion, and drives action. 

At Six O’Clock, we create stories in a range of forms and advise our clients on the most effective modes of delivery. Our experience spans digital and social content, event content, corporate videos, testimonials, hype reels, video and audio news releases and podcasting. The team is equipped to manage all aspects of a client’s production needs from writing, directing, producing, shooting (stills, video and audio) and editing, through to content placement and amplification. Our full-scale production capability delivers end-to-end audio and video content production services including:  

  • videography;
  • photography;
  • podcasting;
  • social and digital assets; and
  • audio news releases.

There is no disputing the importance of digital content for the modern-day business.

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