Media relations

Connecting your stories with audiences that matter

With access to the internet ubiquitous these days and social media channels dominating people’s information gathering, the editorial media landscape has had to change.

Understanding the new media landscape is critical to connecting with it. Knowing the right people goes a long way too.

At Six O’Clock, we make it our business to be abreast of the media’s evolution and to keep clients informed. We harness our understanding and extensive contacts in the media to deliver strategic media relations programs that tap the right audiences through the right channels.

We employ former journalists and our team has developed and led successful, large-scale media relations campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest and well-known brands.

We’ve also worked with small and medium local enterprises, government agencies and departments and non-profit organisations to deliver media ideas, strategies and plans that cut through the everyday noise to connect with desired audiences in a meaningful way.

We view media relations as one facet of an integrated approach to public relations strategy where your business goals and company vision are always top of mind.

Media relations services

  • media relations strategy and execution
  • production of media materials
  • issues and crisis management
  • media training

Understanding the new media landscape is critical to connecting with it.

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