Reputation risk, issues and crisis management

Protecting corporate brand reputation

You need it only when you need it…

Organisations can spend inordinate amounts of time, money and resources nurturing brand equity and trust, only for its reputation to crash off the back of an ill-conceived action, inadequate response or poorly judged move.

Six O’Clock takes a multi-layered approach to reputation management. We prepare organisations with crisis planning and training, help them respond to issues with speed and purpose and, in the aftermath, we guide the process of restoring corporate brand reputation.

Six O’Clock’s team has decades of collective issues and crisis management experience. This includes acting as spokespeople for large corporates, reporting for major media outlets, and advising clients through high profile and contentious matters. It’s through this experience that we deliver across the three core components of reputation management.

Crisis preparedness

  • Issues and crisis communication management plans – development of plans covering process and protocols, scenario-based planning and policies and guidelines, which complement an organisation’s existing business continuity and operational plans.
  • Crisis simulation – design and delivery of in-depth, customised scenarios to ‘stress-test’ the efficiency and effectiveness of existing crisis communication plans.
  • Media and social media training – specially-tailored media and social media training based on key themes/issues and agreed positioning.

Crisis response

  • Issues and crisis management – strategic counsel and tactical support to help organisations manage major incidents and organisational crises.

Brand recovery

  • Market sentiment analysis – advocating stakeholders is key to reputation recovery following a significant issue or crisis. Understanding stakeholder perceptions (pre and post issue/crisis) and the measures an organisation can take to restore trust and confidence is critical in supporting the commercial and strategic objectives of any business.
  • Corporate profiling – development of comprehensive programs aimed at building awareness of the various positive initiatives an organisation undertakes as a leading player in the market and including tactics to engage a broad range of stakeholders (internally and externally).

Regardless of the issue, all roads lead to reputation.

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