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Communicating with impact every time

Six O’Clock offers a suite of proprietary training modules designed to enhance the communication skills of senior leaders across the private and public sectors, and not-for-profit agencies.

Our services span media, social media and presentation training, as well as crisis communication preparedness. We also help organisations plan and prepare for parliamentary enquiries, enabling company representatives to put their best foot forward in an otherwise unfamiliar and potentially intimidating environment.

We offer a national training presence, partnering with respected media industry player, Sports Entertainment Network.

Our training objective is to build confidence in our trainees while ensuring they are attuned to the opportunities and risks of representing their organisation in public or private forums.

Media training

Optimising the performance of leaders on-air, on-camera, on-stage and on-line through modules customised to the experience and capability of each participant – whether in a group setting, or in one-one-one intensive sessions. We work with the client to identify specific scenarios relevant to their operations, designing mock news and program interviews which are recorded in a fully-equipped radio and television studio environment. The suite of modules includes:

  • Executive spokesperson training for up to four participants, equipping them with the skills and techniques to be an effective media spokesperson across the full spectrum of interview formats
  • Refresher session for executives with some media engagement experience, usually in anticipation of impending announcement or emerging issue
  • One-on-one intensive for leaders with limited to no experience
  • Introductory – for general workforce and/or public-facing employees, offering a comprehensive understanding of Australia’s modern-day media landscape
Presentation training

Tailored module designed to help executives optimise their performance in small and large-scale forums such as industry events, conferences, community townhalls, team presentations, and the like.

Using a tried, tested and respected ACED model (Audience, Content, Environment, Delivery), we help organisational representatives:

  • frame compelling and authentic key messages and stories and present with supporting content;
  • understand and practice nuanced approaches for different forums, including ‘one-way informing’, such key-note speeches and video presentations, or ‘two-way engagement’, such as panels, business pitches, staff addresses and community meetings;
  • respect and master ‘the exchange’, which considers what the audience wants and what you want;
  • structure presentations for success;
  • manage conflict or difficult situations in public forums that arise via sensitive topics or from aggrieved community or business members;
  • learn the art of listening; and
  • know when ‘social isn’t social’ – the appropriate use of social media amplification at events

 The half-day session incorporates mock Q&A, technology and other resources to simulate a real-life presentation experience.

 Our trainers are former media reporters and company spokespeople, advisers and divisional leaders. This means they bring in-front-of-scenes experience with their behind-the-scenes expertise.

 As communication consultants, we also share our deep understanding of the ever-changing communication landscape and our experiences in best-practice engagement and reputation management.

 Our training sessions are tailored to the client’s sector and/or geography and include scenarios pertinent to the trainee’s area of responsibility. We generate mock forums and use technology and other resources to resemble real-life experience.

Social media training

For several years, Six O’Clock’s social media trainers have helped organisational leaders increase profile, credibility and authority online through tailored and practical sessions focused on best-practice.

Establishing increased presence online means executives and government representatives are essentially becoming online spokespeople for their organisation. As a result, our sessions ensure that content cuts through and increases individual and organisational brand advocacy.

In a typical Six O’Clock session, trainees will:

  1. Take part in a ‘digital makeover’, ensuring they have the right tools in their workbag and know how to use those tools;
  2. Get updated on the social media landscape and know its place in modern-day corporate and government communication;
  3. Understand what it takes to be a thought-leader online;
  4. Frame compelling and authentic key messages and narratives;
  5. Learn the rules of the road when it comes to appropriate representation online;
  6. Embrace the concept of ‘youtility’, a content theory encouraging valuable social posting;
  7. Build online stakeholder engagement capability;
  8. Appreciate various types of content development, from stills to video, infographics to explainers;
  9. Post insight-led, valuable and compelling content in their social channels; and
  10. Depart with a bespoke social media plan, identifying content pillars, posting rhythm and a list of online stakeholders.

Six O’Clock social media trainers are corporate social media experts, practiced digital story-tellers and former company spokespeople.

As communication consultants, we also share our deep understanding of the ever-changing editorial and social media landscape along with our experiences in issues and crisis management and proactive brand and executive profiling. 

Our sessions offer a blend of theory and practical execution, and are tailored to the client’s sector and/or geography, including scenarios pertinent to the trainee’s area of responsibility..

Government engagement training

Our government engagement training arms participants with tools and knowledge to navigate and engage the workings of Australia’s political and bureaucratic offices and processes at all levels of government.

“A strong public performer is authentic, is a good storyteller and can make the complex simple,” Siobhan Gleeson, Lead Trainer.

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